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Pathways for Action

Below are some practical steps for individuals, organisations and institutions as suggested by participants in the roundtables:

  • Start neighbourhood groups with the help of organisations like Neighburhood Connect or Town Teams to get to know your neighbours & work to improve aspects of its social, material or physical well-being.

  • Look for and support groups and organisations that are seeking to bring people together. 

  • Organise Festivals and events for cultural exchange, such as Lakemba's Haldon Street Festival.

  • Make time to get to know people outside your common circle.

  • Focus on finding commonality and ask what you can learn from the cultural and knowledge systems of others.

  • Teach and practice those values that strengthen cohesion in your homes and in our schools. 

  • Use language that is inclusive and invites participation. . 

  • Look to create spaces for dialogue and active seek out and include as equal partners in conversation all groups and communities. (e.g. Indigenous communities, youth, migrants...)

  • Government and other key institutions can serve as supporters of such spaces that bring diverse groups together at various levels to consult on key issues effecting their lives and the lives of their neighbourhoods and communities.

  • Youth play a key role in promoting social cohesion and their efforts should be supported strongly by local communities and the various institutions of society. 

  • Education is a key component in changing attitudes and beliefs that foster a sense of 'othering.'  Seek out ways in which educational efforts can be promoted at the grassroots with diverse age groups and populations. 

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