A series of roundtable dialogues will be held throughout the country over the coming months. The roundtables will allow us to collaboratively explore and develop such a narrative as a contribution to the national conversation on social cohesion. The country is invited to journey alongside one another in an exploration of these fundamental questions and to create a visionary and shared description of ourselves which will strengthen social cohesion into the future.


The roundtables will be populated by representatives of communities and groups as well as other contributors to the discourse on social cohesion including, academics, representatives of government and non-government organisations, journalists and thought leaders. These roundtables will be rolled out to a new grouping of cities each quarter and discussions will be hosted online for representatives in rural and remote areas who cannot travel to a location.


Facilitators will draw on approaches to ensure an explorative and equitable discussion process to engender the relevant thoughts, ideas and innovative steps forward to be captured into this narrative. Their overall contributions will be synthesised into the Inclusive Narrative document, capturing the insights and ideas which can be drawn on to guide and inspire our country into the future as we strive to strengthen social cohesion.

Upcoming Roundtables


5:30pm - 7:00pm

Tuesday, 26th May
Wednesday, 17th June
Wednesday, 15th July
Wednesday, 19th August

Location: Online


5:30pm - 7:00pm

Wednesday, 20th May
Wednesday, 24th June
Wednesday, 28th July
Wednesday 26th August

Location: Online


5:30pm - 7:00pm

Thursday, 28th May
Thursday, 25th June
Thursday, 23rd July
Thursday, 27th August

Location: Online



5:30pm - 7:0pm

Wednesday, 27th May
Wednesday, 24th June
Wednesday, 22nd July
Wednesday, 26th August

Location: Online


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