8:00 am   Registration Desk Opens and Welcome Refreshments

9:00 am   Conference Opening & Welcome to Country

9:25 am   Building A Culture of Compassion - Hugh Mackay AO


10:20 am Break


10:45 am Vision for Social Cohesion in Australia - Anthea Hancocks

11:25 am Enriching the Conversation-Indigenous Values & Ethics - Prof Asmi Wood

12:10 pm The Role of Media in Strengthening Social Cohesion, Panel - Prof Monica Attard, Noel                            Debien & Dr. Usha Rodrigues


1:00 pm   Break


1:45 pm   Creating An Inclusive Narrative - Roundtable Dialogues


3:15 pm   Break


3:40 pm   Insights from Grassroots Initiatives, Panel - Ruha Fifita, Klaus Veil, Dr. Ansuya Naguran,                       Will Wrathall & May Sabet


4:20 pm   The Role of Dialogue Spaces & Conference Summation - Dr. Brian Adams

5:00 pm   Conference Closes

Speakers & Panelists

Anthea Hancocks

 Dr. Brian Adams 

Ruha Fifita

Klaus Veil

Angie Hiscock

Monica Attard

Dr. Usha Rodrigues

Hugh Mackay

Prof Asmi Wood

Will Wrathall

Dr. Ansuya Naguran

May Sabet

Noel Debien


Baha'i National Office

173 Mona Vale Rd

Ingleside, NSW 2101


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