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Webinar Recording: Bouncing Back or Bouncing Forward? Shaping a post-pandemic society

Webinar Recording

The Australian Baha’i Community is pleased to share the “Bouncing Back or Bouncing Forward? Shaping a post-pandemic society” webinar recording. On the 29 May 2020, renowned sociologist and author Hugh Mackay AO and Baha’i Representative, Ida Walker, explored the lessons learned from the pandemic, and the ways we might change as a result. Discussions looked at how we respond to our heightened sense of our interconnectedness, and how we might rethink our values, reset our priorities and reconsider the ways we approach our relationships, our work, and our institutions.

"The pandemic is bringing out compassion in people. Everything is empty (restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping centres): this is a mass act of compassion: we are willing to sacrifice our old ways of living and stay home to care for others.... Compassion is like a tough mental discipline. It’s more like motivation: “I’m going to be compassionate because it’s the only way we can build a thriving local neighbourhood and build a civilised society…” Because we want to see ourselves as a civilised society, compassion is the way human societies can flourish." - Hugh Mackay -

We invite you to join us in continuing the conversation with thoughtful individuals from organisations and groups around Australia by participating in the "Creating an Inclusive Narrative" online roundtable discussions by registering here.

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