The conference will explore the settings, approaches, methods and experiences that will guide our country to forge a socially cohesive and inclusive nation into the future. It caters to those who are thinking deeply about the progress of our country, to come together to reflect on action, lessons learnt, deliberate, and share ideas.

There will be opportunities for all participants to actively engage with presenters and panellists, and to explore insights and experiences during intimate small group discussions as part of the program.

This past year the global health crisis has affected us all and caused many to reflect on our way of life. We have grown increasingly conscious of how interconnected we are. How does this heightened sense of interconnectedness find expression in our efforts to be a more inclusive and socially cohesive society? How do we move from an acceptance of diversity towards harmonisation?  How do we invite the participation of growing numbers in a collective conversation?

"Let your vision be world embracing."

"Ye are the fruits of one tree and the leaves of one branch, the flowers of one garden."

Baha'i Writings

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Speakers and Presenters

Keynote Speaker
Pastor Ray Minniecon - Pastor, St. John's Anglican Church & CEO, Bunjil Consultancies

Presenters & Panellists
Joseph La Posta - CEO, Multicultural NSW, Religious Communities Forum
Penny Taylor PhD - Race Relations Researcher, University of Tasmania
Maria Koleth & Rosalie Atie - Policy Officers, Australian Human Rights Commission Race Discrimination Team
Ryan Epondulan - Youth and Networking Coordinator, Youth PoWR -  Columban Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations
Mateen Navidi & Jamalieh Maaelopa - Project Coordinators, Fred Murray Community Centre