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Below are some practical steps for individuals, organisations and institutions as suggested by participants in the roundtables:

  • Start neighbourhood groups with the help of organisations like Neighburhood Connect or Town Teams to get to know your neighbours & work to improve aspects of its social, material or physical well-being.

  • Look for and support groups and organisations that are seeking to bring people together. 

  • Organise Festivals and events for cultural exchange, such as Lakemba's Haldon Street Festival.

  • Make time to get to know people outside your common circle.

  • Focus on finding commonality and ask what you can learn from the cultural and knowledge systems of others.

  • Look to create spaces for dialogue and active seek out and include as equal partners in conversation all groups and communities. (e.g. Indigenous communities, youth, migrants...)

  • Teach and practice those values that strengthen cohesion in your homes and in our schools. 

  • Use language that is inclusive and invites participation. 


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